Top 5 Best Online Games Today

There are thousands of games being offered online today. They range from single player puzzle games to massively multiplayer online games.The level of fun experienced by a player depends on the type of game played. While some games are so mediocre that you may quickly forget about them, others are fascinating that their memories will stick with you forever. Most gamers will look around and test many sites to decide which games to play based on their first-hand experience, which wastes a lot of time. This list intends to help you choose the best game by recommending the top and most popular online games offered in the world today.
Here are the top 5 best online games in the world today:


  1. League of Legends


The league of legends is the most popular online game today.It is a multiplayer battle arena video game developed by Riot Games for Mac OSX and Microsoft Windows, officially released in October 2009.The game has over 27 million players daily, which means that the majority of online video game players prefer to play the league of legends.If you want to introduce yourself to the world of online games, this is the best place to start.  However, watch out because it can be quite addictive.


  1. World of Warcraft(WoW)


World of Warcraft is a creation of Bizzard Entertainment released in 2004.It is massively a multiplayer online game. The most interesting fact about the game is that it holds the Guinness World Record for the most subscribed multiplayer online playing game.The game has over 10 million subscribed gamers and boasts of being ranked as the highest grossing video game.


  1. DOTA 2


DOTA 2 is a favorite online video game developed by Valve Corporation.It is an improved version of DOTA 1.The game is a multiplayer battle arena video game played online and prepared in a special way for Linux, Microsoft Windows, and OSX.Produced in July 2013, DOTA 2 is the most actively played game on steam with over 800,000 concurrent players daily.


  1. Counterstrike(Global Offensive)


Counter Strike is a first person shooter game played online.Similar to DOTA 2, the game is a creation of Valve Corporation in collaboration with Hidden Path Entertainment, officially released in August 2012.The game is popular and is one of the most played online games.It was the best selling game in 2012 with over 12 million copies sold the same year.Counter Strike is ideal for gamers who dislike games featuring wizards and orcs.


5. Diablo III


Diablo III is an action role-playing game that is developed by Bizzard Entertainment(developers of World of Warcraft and Starcraft) for OSX and Microsoft Windows officially released in 2012.After its release, the game was the fastest selling PC game, having sold over 3.5 million copies within the first day.It was also the best-selling video game in 2012 having sold over 12 million copies.


Online games are a major hit in the world today.Almost everybody who gets on the internet has tried to play an online game at one point or another.Online games comprise one of the best usages of free time and are a favorite hobby for a majority of the people.It is, however, important to choose the best games whenever you decide to play.These five games are the best of the best.If you want to deal with the best games, there goes your list.


Scuba Diving Game by Louissi


Inspired by Minecraft and Terraria, a game developer shared his game called Scuba on

The game’s story goes: You are a space explorer craving for discoveries and adventures. Your ship was damaged and you crash landed on an unknown planet.

Instructions says: you will have to explore and use your environment to repair your ship and continue your journey.

It’s a simple game with a character in a full scuba gear. The aim of the game is to explore underwater and find the necessary materials in order to craft a new motor.

If you’ve got time check it out and send the developer some feedback, it’s a great past time online. It’s not like the real thing as scubadiving, but it does have some great graphics. Speaking of diving, anyone one who’s thinking of taking up diving lessons, searching for scuba gear reviews and the like, should check out Scuba List Pro — such an awesome site!

Best Computer Specs for Gaming

When looking for a gaming computer, raw Horsepower alone shouldn’t be the center of focus. That’s because other factors such as usability, storage, or support for add-on cards can into play as well. Therefore, if you want a new gaming PC and are concerned with best computer specs for gaming, this guide will teach you on what to go for.

The processor

Regardless of whether you’re getting a customized gaming PC or a pre-made unit from a brand like Dell, the processor will always be the first thing to come into mind. That’s because the processor is what drives your system when handling any game.

To be safe where choosing a good processor is concerned, go with a dual or quad-core unit. But generally, a quad-core is the best of all because it gives you the assurance that all games will be handled fine.

However, if your budget is less than $600, you’ll be forced to stick with a dual-core. Dual core is also fine. But some games which use additional cores will find a rough time running on it.

If you’re a wealthy gaming enthusiast, you might want to go for premium cores like Hexa-core or octo-core processors by Intel. You should only get a gaming rig with these features if you don’t have problems with the ultimate price tag.


Both processor and video cards sit side by side. GPU is a feature that is responsible for building the beautiful and clean graphics you see on the display. With a decent video card, you are guaranteed a faster, smoother, and intense game-play, thanks to the enhanced graphics.

But you need to stay away from low end GPUs. If you’re looking for Nvidia products, avoid any video card with digits like 20, 30 or 40 in its model number. If you’re looking into the AMD staple, again you want to avoid models which have 4,5, or 6 in the second digit of their model numbers.

A good example of mid-range GPUs from Nvidia and AMD are GTX 960 and Radeon R9 380 respectively. These mid-range units can handle 1080p games without any problem.

However, if you want to ensure that the games go really well, you can bump up to more powerful GPUs.You might also come across two similar video cards but with different storage. Even though more storage doesn’t offer any significant impact on gaming experience, it allows more space to store data before the thing can chock. If you’re thinking of a 1080p display, you should opt for a 1GB memory unit. But if your display exceeds 1080p, you should probably start thinking of 3GB memory or higher.

Finally, don’t be too consumed with RAM

Some marketers put emphasis on RAM over performance while the former doesn’t make any difference when it comes to gaming.

You see, RAM is not expensive, which is why manufacturers can add more of it to make a system seem powerful. But the truth is, most games sold today will run very well on gaming computers with only 8GB of RAM. But if you’re thinking of investing in a serious gaming machine, go for a computer with up to 16GB of RAM maximum. That’s all you need to have a gaming computer that is really capable.